It all began with a workshop taught by my husband, Robb called “Power To Prosper”. He taught that God wants us to prosper, but each promise has conditions. We need to fear God, seek Him and walk uprightly. Next was the general session entitled – “Our Source of Hope – “God’s Word”. It was very basic, but very good.

John Avanzini spoke in the evening. He is an incredible man and phenomenal teacher. Reading his points will not get across the true heart of his teaching. He is a true father and cares about people. His revelation concerning abundance is far beyond most people’s. His desire is to see God’s people become debt free. I encourage you to watch or listen to this message. Here is a quick synopsis…..

1. Be a willing giver.

2. Give according to what you have.

3. The intended purpose for your increase should be proper.

4. Your offering should be given in strong faith.

5. Give into good ground.

6. Your offering must be significant to you.

7. Allow God to lead you in your giving.

Again if you knew the heart of this man like I do, what he teaches will mean so much more. Three more days….I know it’s going to be good.

Be blessed.