The week went by so fast, but I still looked forward to the meetings. Robb taught in the morning about “Favor: How To Obtain It”. He made some good points.

1. Favor is guaranteed only to those qualified for it.

2. Favor is the seed that impregnates the future with success.

3. Favor comes the moment you concentrate on the improvement of another.

4. Favor halts the moment it detects poor associations.

5. Favor is a gift that can vanish the moment it is not celebrated.

Then R.W.Schambach spoke in the evening service. What an honor!!!! He is a great man of God who has stayed the course all of these years. 1000s of miracles have occurred at his meetings and yet he is humble and full of integrity. He is a man of truth and faith. He spoke about “Truths That Are Unshakeable”. He said the kingdom of God cannot be shaken…..God’s throne cannot be shaken……The church is unshakeable.

The best part for me was talking with him in our office before the service. He has so many incredible stories to tell. It was such an honor to be in his presence. I soaked it up.

Now it is back to daily life and applying the truths I learned to my life. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Be blessed.