Krystle went into the grocery store after being challenged to do random acts of kindness toward others. As she waited in line, the thought came to her to pay for someone’s groceries. She looked at the lady in front of her and the people behind her. She decided to pay for the lady in front of her. This was the first time she had ever done anything like this. Various thoughts ran through her brain about how she looked, if the lady would let her, would she be bold enough……

Finally, the words came out of her mouth, “I’ll pay for her”. It’s what she said to the cashier. The lady she was paying for just stood there. She allowed Krystle to pay. As they walked out of the store, the lady told Krystle she’d just lost her job and did not have much money. Krystle got to share a little with the lady about the Lord. She was so blessed she yielded to purchase the groceries.

How many times do we get a thought to do something for somebody and we don’t do it for various reasons? We never know what somebody else is going through, but God does. It’s our job to yield, not to think of ourselves, but to think of others. It only takes a few minutes to reach out in a kind way and you’ll never really know the impact it will have on a person.