Think about it…What are the things that really matter in life? It’s the little things. Doesn’t it bless you when someone goes out of their way to do something that may seem insignificant, but is thoughtful? How many times do we get an idea to do something for someone only to think that it may seem dumb or stupid and we don’t do it? Then later we find out how much they really like the very thing we were thinking about.

We shouldn’t disregard the thoughts we get about doing little things for people. I give ideas on to help the creative juices to flow. There are fun ideas, silly ideas and serious ones, but my desire is to help us to think of ways we can reach out to or be kind to others.

For example, July 29 was National Lasagna Day. My friend, Betty and I got together and made lasagna with meatballs. We made 12 loaf pan-sized and 9 one-quarter full pan-sized. We gave them to widows, single moms, and others we wanted to give them to. We focused on the single moms and widows because James 1:27 tells us that true religion is to care for orphans and widows. We also gave to people who do not know the Lord. Doing kind acts opens doors to share with the lost.

My desire is for the world to see Christians as a group of hard-working, kind people who are concerned about others in every way. When someone does a kind act, I want to people to say, “That person must be a Christian because Christians are kind, hard-working individuals. I want what they have.”

So……Provoke others by reaching out to others through kind actions and by sharing the gospel.